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Cakes- Best Gift for any Occasion!

There has to be a source of sweetness in every celebration because that is the way you can pay gratitude towards the special ones. For making it evitable, Mickys is now out with a new cake shop which is solely dedicated to the online medium and will soon turn out to be the online cake delivery service in India. This has been planned with an intention to make it convenient for the people of India to order their cakes easily as well as the delivery has also been made quick and trouble-free. All this has come into action because we have realised over a period of time that cakes tend to be the core component of any party or celebration and without it the occasion seems dull and void. The best use case for this is the ability to send cake to India when you are somewhere abroad due to personal or professional reasons. Also, in case you are invited to a get-together but you are not able to mark your physical presence; you may choose to send a cake at the desired destination and make up for your absenteeism. Thus, sending cakes via online cake services becomes a useful medium to get the cakes delivered to any part of the globe. Mickys cakes are full of mouth-watering savor and delicious delights which will always make a dull face smile.

When there is a confusion regarding which one to choose from so many websites, there is Mickys that you may rely upon. Our Professional team has been working towards making your celebrations happening and craziest and they are always looked upon whenever there is a need for making a party more exciting. Afterall, our experts are dedicated and work with a vision to spread happiness in various forms and using different tools. The team is not just a group of professional people but they also make a personal connection with the customer so as to comfort them and bake the cake with a feeling of belongingness. Our online cake delivery in India is not just confined to monetary benefits but the culture of India demands a personal touch and thus we make sure that we are able to offer you guidance, care and love in the form of our cakes! People of different age groups with different likings and fondness are all attracted towards the cakes as we humans are all inclined towards  delicious delights, no matter what! When the fresh and the fluffy cakes are presented to someone with beautiful toppings then the mood freshens up. This triggers them to have a slice and then a slice after slice.

Not only can boutiques offer designer suits, there are designer cakes in the market too. Do check out the designer cakes on and let your gift make a mark on someone’s memory. Along with this, the theme based cakes for birthday and anniversary occasions as well as other occasions like Father’s day, Teacher’s Day, Valentine’s day, Women’s day are also crafted with a thoughtful insight. Buy cake online without any delay as anything else can wait except occasions! Also, why to take any kind of chance! The right gift item at the right point of time and in the right place is all that matters. Take the right advantage of the online cake delivery service and pamper your loved ones with a designer as well as delicious cake. Blend it with a mix of love, inspiration, and passion and serve the best gift you can.The special occasions that we look forward to are the ones who make us eat even more. They are the days when you shower too much taste to your taste buds in the forms of cakes. There might be many birthday cake delivery shops and anniversary cake delivery shops around you in your local areas but the best way is to buy cake online.

Tell us what is the occasion?

You don’t have to worry about the cake design, cake idea or the shape. You just share the occasion with us, share the number of guests, your realtor with the special person, the location and the time. We can then offer you the filtered list according to your inputs and can suggest to you the option. This can be done using the online mode which is easiest to use. Once you make the choice, there is no more help required from your end. Our professional team is in this field for so many years and their experiences have taught them many creative and super exciting ways which they will be sharing with you too. Take their advantage to the fullest as they are known to be the stress busters when it comes to finalising or choosing a gift. The birthday cake delivery along with the guidance makes up a great combination because even if the cake is fully baked there are many instances when the person is not able to pick it up from the nearby shops. The role of the online cake delivery of Mickys is not only to bake your cake but also to get it delivered to the desired address. The lip smacking cakes lose their charm if they are not transported or carried safely and a layman doesn’t take such things seriously but a professional from the field understands the importance of such minute handlings. We make sure that your doorsteps become our final and foremost destination because there is no halt in between.  We cover all the major cities of India, you take a name and we are there! Unbelievable? Make an order and share the address, see if it is feasible or not. On top of this, we cover those cities and towns which are usually not considered as we believe that it is the right of every person, irrespective of the geographical location to get the order delivered to their places.

People usually buy candles to put them on the cake and once the cake is about to cut, they blow the candle off. Some people are following the same practice while there are others who don’t want to lit off the brightness. For them, we have magic candles; the ones which never turn off! Such complementary goodies are always offered to our routine customers because they brighten up our lives with their consistent contact. The best quality cakes and candles illuminates the day of everyone around you as well. That is the reason that we have always been rated the best and will continue to make you aww-stuck with our trendiest stuff and utmost perfection by our skilled bakers. Do cakes only fill the stomach? That is indeed a wrong perception, they fill up your face with a bright smile too. Isn’t it? It usually happens that even if someone is not hungry and they have already had their meals including the sweet dish; they would still not resist themselves if a tempting cake is offered to them.

For the ones who are super critical about their vegetarian diets (especially those who are not even eggetarian), we have all the cakes available in the eggless form as well. In India there are so many cultural differences; one occasion may be filled with different religions and values. We are always taking special measures towards the same either it is in the kitchen or while the delivery is on! Don’t you worry about the taste of the fluffyness or the softness because our scrumptious cakes are available with and without egg.

Have you been busy lately?

If you are a student studying away from the home, a professional working outside the native land or have migrated to some other area for any reason then there are chances that you would miss out on the birthdays of your dear ones that are still there in your hometown. You might remain busy with your metropolitan kind of lifestyle but your parents, siblings, or other close relations would surely be expecting some special wishes from your end. Isn’t it true? The birthday of your mother and father or guardians is something which is always close to your heart and you tend to reciprocate some similar feelings which they shower upon you on your special day every year. A sweet gesture from your end in the form of a lip-smacking cake with economical price and same day online cake delivery could be the best gift that comes to mind. There may be a chance that you are someone who often tends to forget the birthdays, if that is the case then you may let us know anytime in advance about all the upcoming events/ occasions and then it becomes our responsibility to remind you the same every then and now . Our birthday cake delivery begins and ends with a smile always.

Which one is your favourite? 

It would be near to impossible to list out all the cakes that we deal in because along with our specialties we often come out with specially customised cakes as being demanded by people. Here is the shortest list of our To-selling cakes:

Chocolate Truffle Cake Mango Cake Pineapple Cake
Fruit Cake Black Forest Cake Red Velvet Cake
Butterscotch Cake Choco walnet cake Blueberry cake
Vanilla Cake Barbie cake Spiderman cake
Cinderella cake Cartoon cake Noddy cake
Pink/Blue Cake Batman cake Ludo Cake

Plan a surprise with Micky!

When did you buy cake online the last time? Was it a long time ago or recently? If it was a few years ago then you may not be aware about the latest advancements and types of cakes that have been added to the online cake delivery platforms and in case you are a recent buyer then you must have realised that the online cake delivery platforms have so much wider options available with them. A Mickys along with the cake order, you have the option to plan a sweet surprise for your loved ones. We offer cakes and ideas for making the days memorable with cakes, flowers and gifts! These tangible presents added with intangible feelings make the best gifts forever!

Ordering in a Hurry? 

It was the birthday of your loved one and it just slipped your mind. You open a social media platform and there comes a message and a reminder. You don’t have time to buy presents and you wonder what to do? Micky comes to the rescue. You may place an order online or via a call and the cake, flower or gift would be delivered to the mentioned address on the specific time as well as on the same day delivery order is being placed. The distance doesn’t affect us nor do the location as we are catering to the big cities of India as well as the small towns in their vicinity.

So, enjoy the best online cake and flower delivery in India experience via Mickys. Get the latest and up-to-date coupons, Karwa Chauth offers, Diwali offers, Bhai Dooj offers, Rakhi offers, Promo codes, Deals & Discount E-Gift Cards for 2020.