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Cakes, Gifts and Flowers – Blissful Ingredients for all you special days! For all such days when you are struggling to find the best gift for your special ones, Mickys bring to you the solution to your ‘which-gift-to-buy’ problems. We understand that the current lifestyle makes it difficult for you to step out of your homes and offices to find out the perfect presents. Thus, Mickys has come up with a on-demand online delivery platform which lets you order the best gift at the touch of a button. It is a same-day delivery  concept for heart-warming presents like cakes, flowers and unique as well as unforgettable customized gifts like handbags, metallic utensils, scented candles, home decor gifts and so on. Our Deliveries are not restricted to some specific areas, we are spread across the whole India which includes Delhi, Gurgaon, Pune, Chennai, Chandigarh, Bangalore, Panchkula, Hyderabad and the list keeps on growing. All of these are same day cake delivery services.

As everything around us is bending itself towards the Digital world, Mickys has adapted itself with the market trend and we are thus, a web-based online gift store who believes in giving positivity back to the society in the form of sweet stunning cakes and fresh beautiful flowers in different varieties. Along with this, you may ask for a quirky and exotic gift item and we will deliver at your doorstep within just a few hours of your order. We promise to make the occasion super memorable whether it is a itsy-bitsy party or a grand grandeur.  The cake ladder is upto 3 tier and flavours vary from Red velvet, blueberry, Rose, Kit-Kat to strawberry, chocolate, Mango and almond. All the orders are just a call away, our helpline team is ready to assist you in deciding the best cake/gift according to your needs.

Having said that, we believe that there is rarely a party which doesn’t entertain the kiddiwinks. Your little ones are surely the heart and soul of your celebrations and therefore, we put some extra effort so that they grin like a Cheshire cat. The specially designed fun Kid cakes like Doraemon cartoon cake, Bheem cake, Doll cake, Car cake, minion cake and likewise are a stress-reliever for us as well and we at our online cake portal, love baking such cakes. You must have gotten fed up by plunged into the nearby shops in your search and must have dashed a dozen of such outlets by walking miles in sun and rain into the big markets but now the online ordering service by Mickys will become your one-shop destination. The Most fulfilling Shopping Experience was always a vague dream in the past but sometimes dreams do come to reality and now at Mickys we assure you genuine and fresh delivery of cakes, flowers and compatible gifts from our express gift delivery services.

Cakes, Flowers and Gifts reaches you in the Press of a Button!

Our belief wheel runs on Beliefs, Judgements, Actions and Results. We believe in offering authentic and scrumptious delights as quickly as possible; Our customers Judge us on the basis of Time, Quality and Quantity; This energise us to come make more positive efforts and actions in offering the best and then the result is transparent in front of you. The happiness that we strive to deliver in the form of cakes, flowers and gifts across India along with a sameday gift delivery services is actually the last stop of our belief wheel which is the result!

We have come a long way and have been successful in delivering all the orders till date and thus we are now acknowledging this milestone by adopting an interactive delivery planning structure which will be a boon to your beautiful celebration as the new system will be full of surprises and will turn out to be lifelong memories.

The feeling of euphoria when the door rings unexpectedly as the delivery boy reaches the destination with his hands full of surprises. Who would want to miss that? That is a surprise in itself. Mickys is known for gifting smiles to the people who mean the world to you. Let them walk on the air with and charming flowers, delicious appetizing cakes and exciting gifts.

Sometimes it so happens that you are all concerned about sharing your feelings and emotions with the other person. The relationship of humans is too fragile and delicate and sometimes it demands appreciation verbally as well as with Presents. After all, gifts are a medium to show your affection! You, therefore, feel that there should not be any distraction in the way and all constraints must be vanished because all you care about are the heart-warming feelings. Thus, Mickys takes the back seat and lets you share the emotions with an open heart. Leave the delivery of gifts on us, you just focus on the feelings and astonish them with superb gifts.  This is the correct way to express and deliver your emotions and along with delivering the best gift that can be presented to your loved ones.

India’s Best Gifting Portal for Celebrating your occasion in the Indian Way!

Being an Indian, you completely understand and must have experienced the Pomp & Show which is the heart-throb of all our celebrations. The sheer enthusiasm that we put into our celebrations is worth seeing and appreciating because we don’t look for days to celebrate; we indeed celebrate this life everyday. Life has already given us so many reasons to be happy either it is break-up or Patch-up we keep our tables ready with cakes. Either there are new friendships or love affairs we are ready with a flower; only the color of which differs from yellow to red.  So, let’s enjoy the spirit of celebration with gifts from our online gift store for Weddings, Birthdays, Friendships, Valentines, Anniversaries, Father’s Day, Mother’s Day, Women’ day or any other special occasion. Our peppy presents never fail to make you awe-stuck.

In case you want to peep inside our delivery bucket, then you may have a glance at the adorable range of delicious cakes, alluring online flower store and happy gifts, ready to fill each and every moment of your celebration with immense happiness. Once you put trust into us, we promise to reciprocate multifold benefits to you by simply comprehending your needs and suggesting and offering you the suitable gifts for your loved ones.

From Beginning to endings- Mickys has it for all!

All is well, when it ends well! Mickys is particular both about the beginnings as well as endings because we understand that those who have a sweet tooth crave for it at every step. The ritual of taking the first step with some sweets and the norm of placing sweet dishes after the meal conveys it all. We at Mickys have come up with a range of  fresh & exotic cakes baked with love and utmost perfection to stun your loved ones with its mouth-watering appearance.

There is no scarcity of Variety at our online cake store, Mickys. We offer variation in the flavors, designs and shape of the cake that can lead the way to someone’s heart as well as stomach. The all time favourites like Black forest cake, Red velvet cake, Fruit cake, Strawberry cake, Choco Vanilla cake are all on our curated menu. If you are fond of flowers, we make sure that our flowers always keep your day fresh as we have a collection of the top-selling fresh and handpicked flowers from our flower store online like Roses, Orchids, Carnations, Lilies, Gerberas. They are wrapped elegantly so as to make sure that they bring a cute smile to your loved one’s face.

Just Cakes and flowers solely make it a little patchy, therefore, a small handy gift along with it can add feather to the cap. We have a huge collection of presentable gift ideas with same day gift delivery service that can keep the excitement alive!

Combining Bakes with the Freshness!

A beautiful blend of cakes and flowers have been appreciated since ages. These duos are the most sought after choices of people of all age groups as they offer refreshing delights to your senses. They come out and turn out to be a complete gift solution for all kinds of celebrations. There was a time when gifts were only available in the offline markets as there was no concept of online market. But the technology has given a huge boost to the online delivery and Mickys online gifts have really been appreciated time and again as they are unique in every way. While the cakes are the lifeline of all the celebrations and flowers are the way to show your gratitude and love. Heart-shaped cakes along with a bunch of red roses to newly married couples is the best way to congratulate them. Also, they make for wonderful anniversary surprises. This is surely an unbeatable combination especially if you have a flower bookey shop nearby.

During other special occasions like Father’s Day, Mother’s Day, Valentines day you can express your feelings & sentiments and convey your heartwarming wishes.So, stay amazed with special cakes, flowers and gifts by

Do you often search about the ‘online cake delivery near me’? 

If yes, then you are at the right page! Can you make a wild guess about the number of cities that we are currently operating in?

As the demand for our delivery of cakes, flowers and gifts is expanding, we are also expanding our horizons and today we are delivering cakes in 550+ cities of India. These include the small towns  where cake delivery is least expected because we are breaking the geographical barriers . With our constant endeavor we are continually trying to reach out to small towns and cities of India for fulfilling the demands of every person residing there. In these 480 cake delivery cities, following are some prominent cities of India, where we are providing online cake delivery services.

Bangalore Cakes Hyderabad Cakes Pune Cakes Delhi Cakes Patna Cakes
Kolkata Cakes Chennai Cakes Mumbai Cakes Gurgaon Cakes Noida Cakes
Ahmedabad Cakes Chandigarh Cakes Jaipur Cakes Lucknow Cakes Dehradun Cakes

Mickys has become a hot-seller in Eggless Indian Cake Portal!

As Eggless is the new trend and trends become hot-selling, Mickys has become a master in offering a variety of eggless cake. These cakes are customised as per the demand and are available in different flavors and sizes. Whatever order we receive, we try to add a ‘Mickys’ factor to it so whatever the occasion is birthdays, anniversaries, wedding parties etc at Mickys, you can enjoy the eggless stuff without any worry as a separate category for the whole range of eggless cakes at our web portal makes it super convenient to choose.The baked eggless cakes, available in many flavors, shapes, designs and types are all easily explained on our web portal Your satisfaction is our pride and that is the reason that our team mainly keeps a check on all the feedback that we receive from our customers. We acknowledge all the feedback and work on improving and enhancing our delivery system. India being a country of  many Religions and sentiments associated, we make sure that our eggless cakes delivery in India is a pure vegetarians affair and there has to be no compromise with it.

Require and urgent Flower Delivery nearby?

The busy world around us doesn’t let us to pay attention to our feelings and express them with our loved ones. We all are so engrossed in our lives that we forget to share our feelings.there are times when we are unhappy, dissatisfied, angry which result in fights and clashes. Amidst all this chaos, we are sure that there is one simple gesture that can let a relation back to the track; presenting a fresh flower! The effortless gesture is fruitful like nothing else. When we say effortless, we mean that you don’t even need to step out of your bed to buy the flowers. Our website has a huge list of flowers that you may choose from and they will be delivered at the address that you share with us.finding flowers online is equally enjoyable as finding them on the streets. the assurance of their freshness reaching your loved one’s doorstep will be intact. Incase you are planning to avail this flower delivery online service, then you can make Mickys your foremost choice. The orchids, carnations, tulips, orchids, roses, are best suited for beginnings as well as endings. their mesmerizing, and wonderful scents can help you share a variety of messages with someone special in a classy and elegant manner. Team Mickys do understand the importance of feelings and emotions. Therefore, you can surely rely on us to get the best flower delivered in a jiffy!


Flower Delivery in Delhi Flower Delivery in Indore Flower Delivery in Mumbai Flower Delivery in Noida Flower Delivery in Nagpur
Flower Delivery in Kolkata Flower Delivery in Chandigarh Flower Delivery in Gurgaon Flower Delivery in Ahmedabad Flower Delivery in Bangalore
Flower Delivery in Pune Flower Delivery in Lucknow Flower Delivery in Patna Flower Delivery in Jaipur Flower Delivery in Vizag
Flower Delivery in Chennai Flower Delivery in Dehradun Flower Delivery in Hyderabad Flower Delivery in Agra Flower Delivery in Bhopal

Gift them with open heart and wide smile!

Gifting is a joy that we share with someone else by offering them tangible presents and intangible feelings. Mickys has maintained a track record of 100% on our orders with fresh cakes that are baked with utmost care and fine cut fresh flowers. The pleasant experience of gifting is what matters after the delivery is successful. You can rely on us, without any doubt. Have a pleasant Gifting experience with Mickys fresh cake & flowers!

Anyone up for Midnight Gift Deliveries?

The nightlife trend in Metropolitan cities is getting a hype with the changing lifestyle patterns. Celebrating birthdays and anniversaries at 12 Midnight is too common and if by any chance you have the option to get the cake/flowers/gifts delivered that this time then its like icing on the cake. The online delivery system of Mickys lets you do this. You just need to mark the delivery date & time while placing the order and checking out the bucket list.You may also choose the midnight delivery option, checkmark the box and continue with the order. Be the first to wish your loved ones with midnight surprises!

Gifts are no more a fantasy!

Let’s take your fantasies to another level by talking about the cakes that we rarely try or deliberately miss out because we are too afraid to take risks with our tongue. Yogurt cake, Vanilla cake, Roccky Road cake, Lychee Mango cake, Irish coffee cake are few of our cakes that are unique unlike the easily available  Vanilla cake, ButterScotch and Pineapple Cake at any local bakery. These assortments are an absolute delight to your taste. Coming to the flowery range at the flower store that we offer to create a jolly atmosphere by bringing a bright smile to your dear one’s face, our collection of flowers is freshly handpicked with a wide variety of flowers which first strikes your mood and then your mind! The Carnations, Lilies, and Gerberas add floral beauty to all the celebrations because without them the arrangements seem colorless and dull.They are a true winner in the matter of hearts and souls.

Nothing Competes Mickys!

There are numerous online platforms which offer similar services like Mickys does but that doesn’t impact the footfall at Mickys because we believe that comparisons are always there for the good. They help us to keep up our standard and maintain our quality! As there is always a leader in the race and rest are followers and likewise Mickys has become a leader in its own domain. Every other gift shop India is offering combos of cakes and flowers but Mickys has a one-of-a-kind combination of tempting cake and exciting gifts. Such a combo is rare to find at an economical cost and customised manner. Our products keep on upgrading according to the latest trends and commemorative celebrations. You may order a designer cake along with a gift that can completely complement it. The options are already made available for making your research easy and letting your wishes and greeting be remembered for a long time. As gifting is a personal choice and not always an occasion, so you may require such combos every then and now.  So you may keep on updating your shopping cart whenever the time permits and keep it on hold till the right moment comes. You may add or remove anything at any point of time and thus you may give it a thought and can discuss it with someone near or someone far (by sharing the online link with them). Isn’t this making life simpler and easier?

Express Love with Express Gift delivery Services!

Gifts can easily make or break relations as they are the only medium to express the right feelings and Mickys has been working towards making relationships strong. The fantastic shopping experience that Mickys offer includes delicious cakes, beautiful flowers and a customised collection of products. The feminine is always looking out for her partner to pamper her with abundance of gifts and roses while the masculine is happy with the sweet baked cupcakes and cakes. Thus, Mickys has added all of this to its bucket list.


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